Mac OS X Theme for Series 40 Nokia Phones

Being a mac user you might want to make your Nokia phone more Mac-like. Here are some Nokia phone themes that can do just that.

The two themes are more or less alike, however, there are some differences in the use of icons, bootscreens, and screensavers. The last mentioned is preferable according to bootscreen and screensaver graphics. If you like to edit the themes Nokia Theme Studio is to be used, however, an alternative way to it is simply to rename the theme files extension from .nth to .zip and extract the file. The deploy the theme again you would have to zip it and rename it back to .nth.

Download Mac OS X (Nokia) Theme #1 (.NTH) [384Kb]
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Download Mac OS X (Nokia) Theme #2 (.NTH) [884Kb]
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Apple iPhone Theme for Series 40 Nokia phones

If you like to tweak your Nokia phone with a little iPhone touch, this Apple iPhone theme would for sure be your choice. The theme should be compatible with all Series 40 Nokia phones, and has a very smooth look with bright iPhone icons.

The theme pack includes both a english and non-english version, many wallpapers, and a Adobe Photoshop development kit to make your own wallpaper.

Download Apple (Nokia) iPhone Theme Pack (.ZIP) [6.6Mb]

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Windows XP Themes and Skins

You might have tries the standard blue, olive and silver themes in windows XP and never really liked them. But there are alternatives.

Royale Noir Themes
The Royale Noir Themes is a leaked theme pack from Microsoft containing two alternative themes, a more stylish blue and a black theme, last mentioned is rather nice and almost Windows Vista looking.

The black Royale Noir Theme:

The blue Royale Theme:

Download Royale Noir Theme Pack (.ZIP) [403K]

Download Royale Noir Theme Pack (.RAR) [232K]

Instructions to use:

  1. Extract files to “C:\windows\resources\themes\royale noir”
  2. Double click on “luna.msstyles”
  3. Select “Noir” from “Color Scheme”

Because this theme has been code-signed by Microsoft, No UXTheme.dll hack required.

The Zune Theme
After the Royale and the Royale Noir themes were leaked onto the web Microsoft decided to release a modified version of the Royale theme called Zune to promote the release of their new invention - the Zune. The Zune theme is different to the black Royale Noir themes by having orange controls and a orange start-button, and furthermore include Zune desktop wallpaper.

Download Zune Theme Pack (.RAR) [1.6Mb]

The Energy Blue Theme
Energy Blue theme is a theme concept produced by Microsoft and introduced in 2004 for the Windows Media Center and Windows XP Tablet editions. It is composed of a new redesigned wallpaper (inspired by Windows XP Bliss) and a new desktop theme and skin. The concept presents aesthetic brilliant and relucent blue and green colors. The Energy Blue theme is not only available for Windows Media Center and Windows XP Tablet editions, but also regular Windows XP editions.


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